Baked Beans & Bulbs ?

So what's the connection between baked Beans & bulbs, it could be that bulbs need electricity and baked Beans can produce methane that can be used to produce electricity.  No, it's a lot more subtle than that, but there is a connection.

Recycle Baked BeansOkay, it all started when I saw a comment on the side of a plastic baked bean bulk pack that said "Tear here and remove to help recycling", so I thought, yes, I can recycle this.

I took the outside wrapper off and disposed of it.


Cable Gland



I cut the bottom off the container to enable access and into the lid cut a hole for a waterproof cable gland.


Lamp Holder


Next I fitted the cable gland into the lid of the container, then wired a lamp holder to piece of cable,  passed it through the cable gland and tightened it up to make it waterproof.  I now have a lampshade.





I made six of these lampshades and fitted them inside two sets of three light features that previously had festoon bulbs in them and were definitely not safe when running from 230 volts outdoors.





Computer Control,
     Opto-isolators & RCD's

LED Hoops

Opto-isolator Boxes

Moving Messages

Baked Beans & Bulbs