Loopy Hoops.

Whilst looking around the do it your self Christmas forums I came across a display with some very impressive hoops, by this I mean 6 foot high hoops with lights wrapped around them and sequenced with the Christmas lights controller.

So I thought I could do something similar, but as my garden isn't very big the hoops would have to be somewhat smaller, so my hoops are only about 3ft - 1Meter wide but still quite effective.

I used some oval shaped white plastic electrical conduit and made it into the hoop shape by warming up the plastic conduit with a heat gun and forming it round a piece of aluminium strip.  I kept it wrapped around the aluminium former for a few minutes and allowed it to cool so as to  retain it's shape before removing it.

To make the hoops black I covered the plastic with 2" wide black tape, then wrapped seven strings of LED lights around the conduit and secured the ends with some more tape to stop them unravelling.

On the end of the hoop is the box containing the opto-isolators and bridge rectifiers, the rectifiers are required as the power supply is A/C and the LED's need D/C.  The reason that each channel has its own rectifier is that the switching is done on the A/C part of the circuit the same as all the other channels in the display.

The seven channels of lights on each of the five hoops that were built enabled me to do all sorts of silly and amusing things in the display.  So, we called them the loopy hoops.




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