Mid November 2006, it's time to start putting up the display for this year.  Along the guttering and round the window frames go several rope lights, the various silhouette shapes along the canopy, Snowman, Santa, Penguin and Christmas tree on the large metal frame in the front garden.  All fairly straight forward stuff.  The revamped Merry Christmas rope light animation is now moved to the front of the garage roof and is held on by nylon rope trailing over the roof to the back, where it is anchored, the weight of the display keeping it in place.  The revamp consisted of building a simple wooden framework to support the display so that I could position it almost anywhere fairly easily.

Last year in the Festive Lighting sales just before Christmas, I managed to get a three dimensional train made out of rope light, comprising one engine and three carriages.  I bought it half price, the day before the sale officially started - just by asking very nicely.  Well, I put the train on the ridge of the garage roof, where I put it last year, but unfortunately:-

T'was the night before light-up
When down came the rain
Brought with it the wind
And down came the train

Engine & carriages had tumbled
All twisted and bent
They'd broke from there moorings
In the wind that was sent

Up to the roof
For a rescue I went
Recovered for light-up
T'will be, a great event.

The following day (Saturday) I recovered the train and laid it flat on the back of the garage roof, I wasn't going to risk any more damage being done, as the windy wet weather was forecast to persist for a few days yet.  Having put up the rest of the display and the "Tungsten Tree" with some help from my daughter,
all was set for Monday night switch-on . . . . .

. . . . . and here's the result.


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