In last years sales I bought a couple of rope light shapes to add to the bells on the front of the bay window. That's the presents and stocking silhouettes in the picture.

By now my neighbour two doors away had also developed their display of lights, some of them were very good but different pieces so I asked him where they got them from.  A place in Taunton came back the reply.  Now where's my computer and the internet, off I went in search of "Christmas Lights" + Taunton.  I found a place that was in the Old Mill house, all three stories of it.  The top two floors and the roof space were dedicated to Christmas.  Wow!  I bought the two candles and tree rope light silhouettes in the autumn and from a catalogue bought the see-sawing Santa & Elf.

Now, you may have noticed from the picture that the lights around the window, along the roof edge and the Merry Christmas have changed into rope light.  That's because I was fed up of replacing bulbs in the 20 light sets, and . . .  it looks a lot better. 


Ok, so all those different pieces of the display need power somehow, so, here's the cable jungle up under the car port next to the PC driving the Merry Christmas display.

Oh, before you ask, yes it is safe as every cable is suitably rated and suitably fused.

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