Having had a good display with the animated Merry Christmas lights, I decided that instead of it being wrapped around the bay window, it needed to be in a more prominent place.

So it was moved up and onto a flat wall covering the bathroom window.


Now, as the Merry Christmas lights took up most of the space on the wall, I had to move the Reindeer and Sleigh to another place.  Well, that just had to be on the roof didn't it, and I was lucky enough to have just the place for it.  On top of the flat roof over the bay window.  I made up a wooden frame to support it, placed it on the roof and held it in place with a few small concrete pavers, the sort you do ornamental pathways with.  Nice.

Whilst I was moving things around, I also decided to make the display a little wider.  I ventured out onto the roof of the car port to the left of the house.  I built a steel frame out of giant Meccano more commonly known as Dexion or Speedframe.  On to this I put the Santa, Snowman, the Christmas Tree ( that use to be on top of the porch ), and some other lights, stars, icicles and rope light.  It also looked good, until . . . . .

. . . . . about a week later when we were inside the house sitting watching TV we heard a thump!  What on earth was that?  I looked out the side door, cringed and nearly cried, only to see my Car port display that I had struggled so much with trying to get it on top of the car port, stood on end on the driveway.  Argghh.
Oh, it did miss the car by the way,  - by about 6ft (2Meters).  Phew.
Well, "it's no use crying over spilt milk", so I had to get on and sort it out.  I disconnected the power to it and tied it up so that it wouldn't go any further in the wind.  Yes it had been blown off the roof by relatively light winds.  Hmmm.

The following day I took the lights off the frame and hoisted it back onto the roof of the car port.  Yes hoisted, using an aluminium ladder and bit of nylon rope.  Only this time I bolted and tied the frame to the roof.  Now move if you dare.  In fact the frame stayed up there for quite few years, even when Christmas was over.  I just took the decorations down each year.  We'll see more about this frame later.

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