Over the next few years we added some more bits and pieces.
We got some more silhouette shapes, so now we had a silhouette in each pane of our bay windows, three up & three down.  We also bought a reindeer and sleigh silhouette, and my first rope light shape - a pair of bells that switched alternately so that it looked as though the bell was swinging.  Now things were just beginning to take shape.

I still wanted to go further, I had come across a chip made by Holtec, which with a few extra components I was able to switch four channels of lights in a set of up to sixteen different sequences including some that dimmed the lights.  My first silicon chip controlled lights was on it's way.  This chip required some lights.  Well now, there's a surprise.  So off I went in search of lots of cheap 20 light sets.  I found a retailer that was willing to sell me a box of 50, 20 light sets.  So now came a fair bit of wiring.  I now wanted to build longer strings of lights comprising three or four sets of 20 light strings and reinstall the bulbs so that each string is a single colour, Red, Blue, Green & Yellow.  That took a bit of doing but I got there and it looked good.  That's the lights around the upper window, under the eaves & down the left side of the house.

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