Who put that there ?

Wot where ?

That Garage on the side of the house !

And the canopy !

Oh no, the Christmas decorations will have to be completely re-organised.  'elp.


Well,  in order for the garage to go up, the car port had to come down.  Oh, and remember that steel frame,  ( the giant Meccano stuff, the one the 'Mild wind' blew down ), it had to come down too.  -  The right way this time.  During August 2005 we built a garage on the side of the house.  Well, we didn't exactly, some builders did.  I built the canopy though, and yes it's still up where I put it.

The Garage proved useful in another way,  I now had a place to put all those cables & sockets.  It also enabled me to put the computer and interface box in a dry place instead of in a sometimes damp atmosphere outside.
(This picture was actually taken in December,
but is seemed appropriate to put it here.)

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